Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Brother and Brian Sent Me A Birthday Card :)

Birthdays, mmm....they make you older! Ha, I am just kidding, older and wiser maybe? Anyways, I received a birthday card from my brother and Brian this morning, surprisingly the cover is not a cake or ribbons or even a birthday quote but instead a picture of animals in kitchen! That's so cool, doesn't look like birthday card at all. I will stick it to my fridge! By the way my brother is Michael and sometimes he does leave comment on my blog. His nick is Mikey and he went to the states 2 years ago, studying and working. I am proud of him as you might know, it's tough to work and study at the same time. By the way my birthday falls on world vegan day which is 1st of November! Unfortunately over here in Malaysia, people does not celebrate world vegan day but we will be celebrating world meatless day soon on 18th November!

Inside the card,

Happy Birthday to you... You live in a zoo.

That's me!!! My apartment is a small zoo with a watch guard, my buddy, below my apartment! ( Sometimes she comes up :D )
Thank You so much and send my warmest regards to Brian!

ps : I did make a report today at SPCA and have located the address from the city councill in order to bring the heartless and irresponsible owner of the white mange doggie to justice. Animal law in Malaysia is just too WEAK! But the officer will try her best and I will try my best to get the lady whom I have spoken to the other day to come forward and be a witness if needed. But I doubt she would care.


charcat said...

Hey, Happy Birthday. You deserve the best for all the good you do.

zenquando said...

Happy Birthday my friend.
i wish you all the good of the world.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, hope you had a fabulous day.. This owner of the white dog needs to be prosecuted. Can you not get the media involved or something?? Regards Karin

Buster's Mom (Carol) said...

YOU DESERVE THE BEST, MOST WONDERFUL AND HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY you can possibly receive! You are a wonderful person. On a sadder note...Re animal cruelty laws, Malaysia is not the only place that has laws that are insufficient and weak. North America is supposed to be a first world, first class, civilized nation. And yet an animal can be beaten to within an inch of it's life and the penalty imposed on the abuser will be $1000. It's horrific. The animal protection laws have not changed since the turn of the century. Groups have lobbied endlessly to have them updated and put some strength behind them. But the meat and farm industry have created huge political roadblocks - they are worried that changes/improvements to these laws will end up affecting how they 'do business'. CAN YOU IMAGINE!! So I understand your frustration with Malaysian laws. Until the world can think of, and treat, animals, ALL animals (large and small) with respect and dignity and not just commodities, they will suffer the pains like this poor white dog.

Angela said...

Happy Birthday Thomas!!! Enjoy your day my dear friend!!!

Ngo Thye Aun said...

Thank You All for your wishes!

@ Karin,
I am working hard on it. Will let you know the outcome.

@ Carol,
I totally agree with you but Malaysia animal abuser can easily walk away with a slap on the hand. The fine is just less than RM200 ( sometimes less than RM100 if they plead guilty ). This is terrible.

@ Angela!!
THANKS YOU!! I hope everything goes well there!! :)

mikey said...

Glad that you love the card :) Happy Birthday!

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