Saturday, October 27, 2007

' Ah Girl ' And Her Grown Up ' Son '

If you have been following my videos, Joseph and I have brought a homeless dog for spaying from my neighborhood in May. I called her ' Ah Girl ' and the lady who shared the spaying fee has been keeping her male puppy. She also provides Ah Girl food and sometimes shelter, but Ah Girl choose to roam around the alley and recently, most of the time she will come up to my apartment and sleep in front of my door step and block half the corridor due to her size. Yesterday the lady let the puppy and her other dogs out for walk and this was my first time after so many months seeing him. He has grown up alot and got taller too. Very playful indeed and friendly. I managed to capture a short video of him and some photos just to share :)

You can view the previous video here when he was a small puppy ( time 01:43 )


Nikki said...

This dog has LOADS of character - you can just see it. And it is VERY intelligent.

He is too gorgeous for words!!!

Nikki said...

I mean SHE.

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ nikki,

haha, if you mean the puppy I mean Ah Gal's pup, is a he :P

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