Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Buster's Videos From Carol ( Toronto )

Just check my mail a while ago and notice there were several videos from Carol showing Buster! I must say, wow! The little fellow is fast in moving and he looks stronger than Alera and very adorable too! Thanks to Carol for giving Buster a loving home and share these wonderful videos to all of us! Great videos and music too!


Nikki said...

Ngo - I can only smile. You are a wonderful human being!

Phil Grimsey said...

He can really motor along can't he! What a cute little chap! Are you considering a wheelchair for him when he is fully grown or will that not be suitable?

The thing is, cats do not realise that they are "ill" or disabled, and just get on with things. You can tell he is happy and enjoying playing. Its lovely to see people caring for these animals who have been dealt such bad start in life.

Steve Nizer said...

Is the kitten in alot of pain? I hope he isn't in alot of it...

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ nikki

He is so lovely isn't he. He made me smile too :)

@ phil

He definitely need a wheelchair too in future when fully grown up.

@ steve

I do not think so he in pain when he first found, we have to ask Carol.

Buster's Mom (Carol) said...

In response to Steve...Buster isn't in ANY pain at all. I took him to the emergency clinic the same evening he was found (Friday late night) and then to the neurologist the following Monday. He was thoroughly tested him and no pain! If you watch him in action, he has NO clue he's different. He has very very quickly learned how to climb my sofas (it's amazing how strong his upper body is). I'm going to have my friend take more videos of him as soon as I can (especially him climbing things). He's very mobile, very inquisitive, and very ready and willing to "take on" all of my adult cats and wrestle with them. It's amazing to watch. You may not be able to tell from the video, but he's still very small (1.15 pounds in weight). Try to imagine the length of a tall woman's foot - that's how big he is (I can still very easily pick him up with one hand).

Ragga said...

Buster is adorable.. Thank god he found a human being that cares!

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