Monday, October 15, 2007

Simba Crossing Rainbow Bridge :(

Got a call from the vet this afternoon and the doc told me that Simba already gone when he checked on him this morning. I was in shock and called Khairul immediately after that. My mind still very blank and do not know what to say. By the way, I just got back from Khairul's place where we buried Simba at his compound. From what the vet told me, Simba immune system was very weak, however while he was there, he did eat and pooped regularly, no sign of diarrhea or whatsoever sickness, just very weak. I just wish there is more explanation to this sudden death of Simba but as you know, in our country autopsy is not usually carried out on animals and even our vet friend do not perform autopsy since he is a very busy vet. We will be bringing Mafia back tomorrow.


Phil Grimsey said...

What an absolute shock! Poor little Simba! Just as he was settling into a loving and caring home, he gets taken over the bridge. Thomas, as I said before, please extend Christina's and my sincere condolances to anyone who is saddened by the loss of this adorable little life.

Please also monitor Mafia closely incase there was an illness that caused the death, seeing as they shared a cage whilst boarding. Perhaps ask the vet to conduct an examination of Mafia checking for signs of problems before bringing him back home. Mafia may be fine, but its better to be safe than sorry!

Again, may Simba rest in peace and hopefully the Light Yellow puppy will look after him on his arrival on the other side of the bridge and they can play together.

Nikki said...

Rest in peace little one. At least you were one of the fortunate ones: you knew love and kindness.

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ phil

we have taken back Simba yesterday and he is happy to be home and he is healthy as well. no illness or sickness so far.

Lisa Ann said...

My heart breaks, but I know Simba was loved and will be happily waiting for you and Kabal at the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you for all you do.

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