Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Donation From Phil and Family Received.

Donation from Phil, Phil's parents, Chris, Chris's mom, Andy and not to forget Queen Sooty ( Kitty ) received yesterday with the amount of USD 87.34. THANK YOU to all of you for continuing support on my cause and this will be the first payment for the injured limping doggie. I have not paid a single cent to the vet yet. This certainly a relieve for me as the Alera Fund is running low. I am not sure how much would charges be as the injured limping doggie has been staying there more than a month now and it was a major surgery. I will find out tomorrow and also will try to update the doggie condition.

Once again, THANK YOU!


Peter said...

Hey man I saw your video with the crippled kitten. I tried to register on Break but the registration seems like it's broken. Saw you had a Blogger account and wanted to let you know I wish there were more men out there like yourself who take care of disabled pets. They often get the short end of the stick when it comes to loving families. You seem to have dogs AND cats living harmoniously.

Way to be man, really.

vko said...

Hello there!

I have been posting about the starving dog used as art:

and I started a fundraising page to start donations to help strays in Central America- I wanted to use your stray dog pic which I found on istockphoto. Here's the link- would that be okay?

Let me know if that's okay- if not I will remove it immediately.

thank you!

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