Sunday, October 28, 2007

White Dog Neglected By Irresponsible Owner

While we were driving home after our tea break, my wife and I spotted this unfortunate white hairless doggie. He was standing by the roadside, very skinny and has mange problem. I made a 'U' turn and parked my car across the road, got out from the car and walked towards this dog with food and water. He got a collar and a license so obviously he has a home. I am very upset with the owner on how he neglected his companion animal roaming on street without medical attention and food! Since the doggie was spotted in front of a house, I walked up and asked the owner to find out more.

At first I thought the doggie belongs to the family but no, the doggie actually belongs to the other neighbor. So I started digging more about why, how and since when this has happened. She told us the doggie has been kicked out from the house long time ago. She even told me it is useless to talk to them ( the owner ). I just wish our animal law in Malaysia is strict enough to put all these irresponsible owners and abusers behind jail for good.

I have 2 options here, one is to bring this doggie to local shelter where euthanasia is probably be carried out or on the other hand, I will bring him to my vet and cure him and after that find him a good home. Mmm....I will stick with number 2 if you ask me. Hopefully he will be there tomorrow. What surprise me more is why couldn't this lady that I talked to show some compassion or at least get some medicine for this doggie, I just don't understand, you know, she has a dog inside her house and she sees this cruelty and suffering infront of her everyday and do nothing about it.

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."

-Anna Sewell (English Novelist)


Nikki said...

Oh my God Ngo. I have no words. None.

Pete said...

Change will come. As long as caring people like you are around it will happen. Yes the majority of the country might not care but it takes time for change to happen. Keep us updated.

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ nikki,

I am disappointed towards the owner and at the same time sad looking at the dog. Unfortunately I do not have a compound as you know I am staying in apartment or else I will carry him back to my place. I drove passed just now to check on him, he is still there behind bushes, hopefully tomorrow I manage to get him in my car and straight to the vet. Joseph might come along too.

@ pete

It takes time for people here to understand how animals feel. All they ever think and have in mind is
' it just a dog ' and not further than that. I am lack of man power, fund and the most important a place to keep them. I will try my best to do whatever I can.

Pete said...

I dont expect you to save every pet you find. Sometimes it just out of your hand. I dont want to seem harsh or mean but I would rather see a dog put to sleep instead of being in pain like that or possibly hit by a car and be injured for the rest of its life. I sent you some donations. Do what you can to save them...even if it means euthanasia.

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ pete

First of all, Thank You for your donation.
Every life form has the right to live and I will try my best to do whichever is best for him. I cant save everyone but I can maybe save this one. Euthanasia will be the last option and hopefully will not happen. Anyway I only will know once I got him to the vet. Let the vet decide, will keep you all posted.

Phil Grimsey said...


What can I say? :(

Poor poor dooggie, I really hope with yours and the vet's magic touches, that this animal will regain a health it once enjoeyed. Once that has happened, the quality of life will follow :)

"Keep your chin up" as we Brits say, and let us know if we can help in any way.

Caroline J Grinham said...

My god, that's so shocking. Please update on what happens to this poor dog. He must be in so much pain!

zenquando said...

thomas help the poor dog.
it is not his fault.
every animal has a right too live.
you are one of the angels too care.
you can not help every animal.
i understand that.
but please try it for this doggie.
ppl have much too learn too love the things around them.
so some angels stand up.
for this heavy duty.
i will contact you for some donation.
your not alone.

Nikki said...

Ngo - I will transfer some funds soon.
Let's see how much we can help this poor boy. If it comes down to it, I will contact everyone I know and find out whether they know of someone who will take this baby in.

charcat said...

Everyday as I check my email and I see I have a message from your page, in a way I dread it becuase I know I will only end up with tears on my face. It can either be tears of joy or tears of heartache. This morning it was tears of heartache. The only good that came from this was that the dog, if only for a short time, got to experience love and compassion from a human being. This poor animal suffered a long time and was completely ignored. I can't imagine the lonliness and pain he suffered. He is now asleep and out of pain and happy that he at least, for ONCE in his life, was lucky enough to have the hand and heart of kindness of you to touch his him.

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