Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Donation From Phil and Family Cleared!

Previous donation from Phil, Phil's parents, Chris, Chris's mom, Andy and not to forget Queen Sooty ( Kitty ) has been cleared 2 days ago! The money will be spent on kitties food as their food supply are running low and also will pay upfront for the limping dog surgery. Will head out to pet store tomorrow to get their favorite kibbles which is Avoderm.

I have taken some video of the limping dog 2 days ago. He needs more time as he still afraid to use his injured leg to walk or run. The vet told me he will get better once the plate/pipe removed. I will try to upload some video of him to share tomorrow. Give me some time :)

Thanks to Phil and family once again! I am grateful and don't know what else to say except a big THANKS!

Balance of RM 415.52 ( Ringgit Malaysia )

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