Friday, October 12, 2007

First Day of Vegetarian Festival

Yesterday Khairul and I went to Hare Krishna temple nearby Penang Botanical Garden to have our vege meal. This month, October, from 11th till the 19th, we are celebrating the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. Almost everywhere you can see stalls decorated with Chinese calligraphy 'Nine Emperor God' yellow banner and selling vegetarian food. In fact they are all vegan food since during these 9 days no dairy are allowed at all and even the utensils have to be new and never been used. The reason I became vegan surely not because of this festival, it is purely because of animal cruelty, so I couldn't tell you more about this festival. You have to google it by entering a phrase such as ' Nine Emperor Gods Festival ' and you will see a bunch of links and photos which are related to it. Come on, just for nine days you are being merciful? I am speechless, really I am.

Video above isn't about the festival really, it is where were we during the first day of the festival and the 4 female cows :)

ps : the cows are lovely to touch and they are so big!


Nikki said...

Oh man they are so big and so gentle and have gorgeous soulful eyes! Hard to believe these animals that won't harm a fly end up as food.

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ Nikki

Yes, it is hard to believe cows end up as food. They are so gentle and I must say these four ' mother ' cows are VERY VERY lucky as they have freedom to move around and not confine in small crate. Hare Krishna devotees treat cows with lots of respect and also to all living beings.

Nikki said...

In SA people consider Hare Krishnas a kind of cult.
I think they set a wonderful example of compassion.

Franck said...

All this reflects our true nature.

You said : 'just for nine days' but in Europe, there is no break at all. Most people live ignorant of their ignorance.

Thank you for your compassion.

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