Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Phil and Chris (England) Rescued Kitties.

If you remember Phil and Chris in my previous post, they are from England and has given me lots of help in fund transaction and sending my fur kids lots of toys. Recently they picked up four kitties and I wanted to share with you 2 of the videos they have filmed. The kitties were very hungry and at the same time very adorable. Unfortunately Chris told me that the mother cat is a bit scare of human. Hopefully she will come and reunited with the kitties very soon. Enjoy the video and I will let Phil tell you the rescue story :P

Great work Phil and Chris!


Phil Grimsey said...

These adorable babies and mother have suddenly appeared in our garden. We have delivered notes to all the houses to try and trace the owner as they are very young but with no success. There is no room at the shelter for another couple of weeks so we are feeding them and trying to get them used to people. Sorry about the video quality - it was taken on a mobile phone, holding the phone with one very sticky, cat food and soil covered hand whilst trying to stroke the kitties with the other! Mother does come to the garden but will run away if we so much as look in her direction. These films yesterday were the first time she had brought all the kittens together and they have returned today. Mother is starting to get used to us - she inched closer to look at the food before changing her mind so hopefully we have made good progress. We will just have to keep 18 year-old Sooty away - she hates any other felines with a passion (see Sooty vs ginger tom on youtube) - or world war 3 will ensue!

Ngo Thye Aun said...

It's great to see all the kitties enjoying their food. The video looks good too since it was taken with a phone camera. Very impressive! You are going to be a great foster parents!

zenquando said...

great job phil and chris.
i thank you for this resceu.
your angel like thomas.
i thank you ppl.

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