Wednesday, October 31, 2007

AvoDerm Natural Vegetarian Adult Dog Food

Went to pet store yesterday and bought 2 large packets of cat and dog food. I feed my dogs ( Bobo, Lulu and Papi ) with the brand Addiction Holistic Vegetarian and they love it since the first day. I saw this brand, AvoDerm Natural Vegetarian for dogs and thought of giving it a try so that they have variety. Sometimes they also eat what I eat such as brown rice, potatoes, salads and they what love the most, is mock soya meat from my vegetarian cafe. Every time when I buy food from vegetarian cafe, I will rinse them in hot water just to make them less oily/greasy before feeding. They also eat green apples too! Bobo usually will finish the whole apple in a minute!

I tried AvoDerm Natural Vegetarian on Ah Gal too and as you can see in the video, she also eats them :). She is totally on meat base diet that the neighborhood lady always feed her. But recently almost everyday around 4 pm or so she will definitely come up for her snack, tea break biscuit snack :). That is why I just gave her only a cup full of the food. I didn't shoot the gang as they already finished their food.

I have stocked up the kitties food too :)

It always a debatable issue when you try to feed your companion animals with different diet such as vegetarian/vegan diet instead of meat-base diet. Below are some links worth reading about vegetarian for dogs and cats.

Vegetarian Dog Food
Vegetarian Society UK
PeTA Factsheets
HelpingAnimals dot Com

Companies that sell vegan dog and cat food.

Evolution Diet
F & O Alternative Pet Products
Harbingers of a New Age
Natural Life Pet Products
Nature’s Recipe
Newman’s Own
Pet Guard
Wow-Bow Distributors
Wysong Corporation

It's too bad that my country pet stores do not sell vegan/vegetarian cat food. Not a single brand.


Nikki said...

Ah shame man! She just did not want the paparazzi filming her while she eats! ;)

Pete said...

I visit your site almost everyday now :)

BTW I saw on one of your youtube comments about the reactions of posters about Baby Alera. Dont let it get you down. I actually found your site from I am sure many others have as well since seeing the Alera video. is more of log on and laugh at models falling throu the floor site. So it has more people that will say stupid things and not mean it. They say it just to get a response out of other people.

Keep up the good work.

ilovepearly said...

I always suggest holistic dog food brand for others but I feed homecook for my pup.

Phil Grimsey said...

To Pete - Its chris here, Phil's other half. I saw that too and wasnt having any of it - the comments by "girlgoat" are me. By the way girlgoat is our nickname for our 18-year old cat Sooty - she clambers around on top of you and then stops dead and stands still - she looks just like a mountain goat hence the rather daft name.... (hides while everyone laughs)

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