Friday, November 2, 2007

Injured Limping Doggie Going Home Tomorrow.

Just a quick update on the injured limping doggie. The video were shot on 29 October at the vet. In the video, you can see he is still afraid to use his injured leg. Maybe it is because it's still painful. The plate has not yet taken out and the vet will only do so probably end of this month. I am not sure why it has to be taken out and I will definitely ask the vet tomorrow. Due to the high fee involved and also limited of space for him to run about, the vet have suggested me to take him back.

I went to Chong Kooi's house just now; the man who is willing to keep him, and explained to him about the surgery progress. I also showed him some videos of the dog on my laptop too. If you have been following my videos and if you listen carefully on the third video, when the vet was doing the x-ray, he did call the dog Lucky. What a coincidence, Chong Kooi also called him Lucky too!

Tomorrow, Chong Kooi will follow along to bring Lucky back and I am sure Lucky misses home! Chong Kooi also contributed RM 100 ( Ringgit Malaysia) just now for Lucky medical fee and this is a surprise to me as he is a retiree. At first, I rejected his money but he insisted me to accept it as a token of appreciation.


Phil Grimsey said...

How wonderful - what a joy to watch! He will get used to using the leg I'm sure but even if he does not use it all the time, it has to feel better than when he had that awful break.

Awesome work - great result!

Thanks also to Chong Kooi for his contribution - he seems like he will love this doggie and give him a good home.

Nikki said...

Once he realises he can use the leg, then he will slowly start gaining full mobility :) All thanks to you!

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ phil and nikki,

I hope he will be using the injured leg in no time. Chong Kooi is a nice person and I plan to help him with some dog food in future if I have spare funds. I also found out that the other 2 dogs are also homeless that came to his house for shelter and not his. His family is very kind but you have to understand, they do not know about medical treatment on animals. It takes time for them to understand animals do need medical checkup sometimes.

Phil Grimsey said...

I would guess that he is learning fast with you at his side Thomas! He has been very kind homing the other strays, and I am sure people who have donated wont mind a few ringgits from the alera fund going on some food to help him in his efforts too ( I certainly dont!).

Afterall, that is what the funds purpose has evolved into - its for helping unfortunate animals in their time of greatest need.

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