Thursday, November 22, 2007

Alera Urinary Track Updates 22Nov2007

12:42 22nd November2007

Usual medication was given to Alera today, a jab of antibiotic, vitamin B-complex and a pill. The urination is getting better, not that reddish anymore. However, when look closer under microscope, it still contain some blood cells which we can't see with out bare eyes. The wound has healed properly. The vet also said he is not dehydrated anymore.

When I left the vet, I was a bit hurry and left the collar cone there on the table. So tonight I have to let Alera by himself without the collar. I found one of Bobo's puppy shirt and put it on. It fits well on Alera but just doesn't covered Alera's wound fully. He looks pretty handsome on it. Hopefully he won't bite the wound tonight. His doesn't like the low pH dry food and I have to force feed him, but he did drink glucose and water by his own when I gave it to him. The vet said he has to be on low pH food, at least for this period of time.

ps : Alera still bit himself when I last cleaned him at 10:40 pm. I have no choice and had to make a cone that similar with the collar cone from cardboard and masking tapes. My fault for not bringing back the cone.

23:00 22nd November 2007

Alera Urinary Track Updates 22Nov2007


Phil Grimsey said...

We took Sooty to the Vet this evening and whilst we were there, asked him a question or two about Alera. He said that the purpose of the low PH food is to produce an acidic urine solution that dissolves the crystals that are present in the Kidneys creating the problems for Alera.

Apart from that he has given us a leaflet on Urinary diseases in cats which might be of help in addition to information from your vet, who seems to be doing a fantastic job :)

As AD food is not suitable for Alera, we asked if there was anything else that would do the same job as Alera's low PH food if it is still difficult to get him to eat that. All the information is on the leaflet apparently, so we will scan it for you if you wish and send it over messenger for you to look at?

The wet low PH food is available, as best he knows, worldwide and you should be able to get hold of it but only in conjunction with the Vet's advice on what is best for our furry friend :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil. :-) Give hugs to Chris and Sooty. That leaflet about the low pH foods sounds great. Thomas and his vet are doing a splendid job with little Alera but maybe if Alera could get some moist low pH food and it smelled and tasted really good, his appetite would return and he could eat on his own once again.

From the looks of Alera's plumpness before his urinary tract infection, it seems he loved to eat! lol

Thomas...out of curiosity...any idea what that pill is the vet gives Alera each time you visit? The pill that he pops into Alera's mouth? Thanks!

Healing Wishes to All,

A Life Connected