Sunday, November 25, 2007

Alera Urinary Track Updates 25Nov2007

Took the photo above today. Thought of sharing with all. It's funny and sad at the same time while looking at them. Funny when they are wearing the same type of cone just in different sizes, it just made me laugh, I mean they are cute in that. Sad when they are still not fully recovered. Lulu is getting worst, the joint, athritis and the wound in front of her two legs. She has cultivated a very bad habbit which she constantly biting her both front legs. I was told by the vet to wash with the same antiseptic solution and apply rowarolan powder. Once Alera is fully recovered, I will spend my time on Lulu and bring her for thorough check up. I have shot several videos and showed to my vet, and the vet has told me probably the bones on the hind legs are slightly bend and dislocated a bit. He has given Lulu some medicine for time being, just to ease the pain. It really helps but I am scare of side effects as they are just pain killers.

As for Alera, today he finally got out from his bed! He is getting better but not as playful as he used to be. I think probably he is not 100% recovered yet. Urination was very little today though. Appetite was VERY good. I will start to stock up the wet can food by tomorrow or on Tuesday.

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Phil Grimsey said...

aww... the cone kids :)

Hope both their various wounds show some improvment after your attention Thomas.

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