Monday, November 26, 2007

Alera Urinary Track Updates 26Nov2007

No more vet visits! Yay! Well, at least for this moment! I just shot the above video today to show you a better view of how Alera reacted to his new diet/food, which is wet can food. I have mixed the food with cranberry relief as usual. He was banging the door, lol, it was funny how excited he was. I noticed he love this type of food instead of dry kibbles. In the video I did mentioned that he urinated very little, but that's not the case, at the end of the video, the whole diaper was soaked with urine! Yellowish urine, fortunately!

The wound also has became stiffer and there was like an extra dried skin on top when you touch it. And because of this, he bitten himself again! Yes, again while I was chatting online with a friend (Melissa) on my ustream live feed. The video below was recorded with ustream built in recorder. You might want to check it out too. Anyway, I have cleaned the wound and applied again the rowarolan powder.



Phil Grimsey said...

Aaawwww that was absolutely wonderful to watch - he has certainly got his appetite back hasnt he!!! He was making completely sure there was nothing on the floor of his cage that he might have dropped too!!

Good boy Alera!

Madeleine said...

Dear Thomas,
Yes, Yay! Such a relief and am very happy to see Alera is recovering and the way he bang his door, make me this of my own cat, where she would always circle around my leg during feed time and bite me if I don't response to her.
Anyhow, I also hope Alera will stop biting himself and hope he will be fully recovered very soon too.
Take care now.

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