Monday, November 19, 2007

Alera Urinary Track Updates 19thNov2007

10:24 19th November 2007

12:50 19th November 2007

Brought Alera to the vet this afternoon. There is still blood in the urine. However at the moment of writing this, the urine was not so reddish when I last checked on him. The vet took some blood from Alera and will send it to the lab tomorrow for kidney test. Alera was also on drip for 20 minutes to keep him hydrated and vitamin B-complex was given to him too in order to build up his energy. A small dosage of antibiotic was given as well.

I have to force feed Alera with the low pH food. So I went to Tesco with Khairul just now to get the blender. I fed Alera two 5ml tubes of the blended food. He took some and that's a good sign. Will try to feed him again tomorrow morning. He has to go to the vet again tomorrow for drip and antibiotic and I think the vet did a very good job! By the way the vet is Mr Teoh :)

Videos above were taken before going to the vet in the morning and noon.

23:35 19th November 2007

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Anonymous said...

I understand how it feels, I adopted a cat from a shelter and it turned out I adopted a dying cat (he has FIV)... he was peeing/pooing blood, wasn't eating, throwing up blood... we almost had to put him down because he refused to eat. Luckily, as a twist of fate, the appointment was delayed 2 days by our vet -- which was enough time to bring him back and get him eating... he started with eating pizza :) He's still alive, and has since gained 13 lbs...

I really hope the best for Alera... it's sad when people think nothing of animals and don't give them a chance. You're a good person for doing this, and that kitty deserves all the love in the world from you.


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