Monday, November 5, 2007

Injured Limping Doggie Medical Vet Bill

Went to the vet just now to pay the first payment of Lucky's (limping dog) medical bill. I am very glad and grateful that my vet has given me a huge discount. And also to all donors, you know who you are, just to let you all know, without your donations, Lucky will be still limping and had broken bones in his hind leg. I feel deeply grateful and thankful.

However I still owe the vet RM 700 ( Ringgit Malaysia) and once I got my debit card which I hope very soon, I shall withdraw the pending funds from PayPal and pay him. Since the vet is a good friend of mine, he willing to wait till I have enough funds to settle the balance. He is a great guy! End of this month, Lucky will have to go back again and had his plate removed. I hope Chong Kooi will take good care of him within this period of time and not to let him roaming in the neighborhood.

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Nikki said...

As soon as you have your debit card, let me know as I still have funds that I need to transfer to you.

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ nikki,

will do that nikki! I think probably next week or before the 20th cause I already applied and submitted the form on 11th October. Usually it will take a month to process.

Mei Ling said...

Hi Ngo,

I transfered a small amount to you, to support your charity project. I must pay you a visit when I go to Penang! (I am from BM but am now living in Kuala Lumpur)

ilovepearly said...

I like to put a link on my blog to donate to your fund.

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ Mei Ling,

Thank You so much for your donation! And yes, you are most welcome to visit Alera! And hopefully after when he pooped! haha.

@ ilovepearly,

Thank You so much for trying to help. Very much appreciated!

Phil Grimsey said...


That vet must be a VERY good friend of yours! that is a very large discount he has given you (I wish our vet would give such a discount for sooty!) Full credit to him for being so generous, even if the surgery was delayed a little.

Speaking from our point of view (that is mine, Christina's and the other donors in the UK) all the thanks and gratitude we need is in Lucky's eyes. He looks SO much happier now, even if he isnt yet able to walk on it properly.

Credit, as ever, falls to you as well, for rescuing the poor animal, and also to Chong Kooi for adopting him. Well done Sirs!

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