Thursday, November 15, 2007

Article About Baby Alera In Cat Magazine.

This is great surprise! Wow, I never, ever, thought of that coming. I was chatting with Phil and Chris yesterday night, mm...let me think, not yesterday night, in fact it's today morning at around 3.30 am. I was posting up a video regarding the Dead Dog At The Middle Of Express Way that I found on the 14th and suddenly I got a message via msn from Phil, asking me whether I want to hear a good news. Well, everybody love good news!

They have written an article about Alera and me and it got publish in 'your Cat' magazine (December 2007 issue), one of the Britain's Best-Selling Cat Magazine. The article appeared in the 'star letter' area. Mimi and Ah Black was mentioned in the article too! The article wins Sooty a Stockholm oval cushion, how sweet! And she deserved it! By the way the photo below is 18-year-old Sooty, the princess and only princess in the house, photographed by Phil from England.

ps : thank you so much Chris and Phil for showing the article to me. Deeply appreciated and not to forget Sooty! meow~!


Phil Grimsey said...

We thought you deserved some recognition for the good work you do rescuing animals - you are the last hope for some of them, like Alera and Limping Doggy.

I'm sure Baby Alera and all the fur kids will agree with that!

Pete said...

Congrats! You deserve it. Reading your blog and seeing how Alera does brings alot of people joy.

I know it does for me when I see Alera and a rescued animal you save.

Nikki said...

Hi Phil - great job! Ngo deserves all the publicity he can get :)

Phil Grimsey said...

We did wonder if the fur kids would like the cushion but as its covered in synthetic fur Thomas thinks it would be too warm for the kids to use. Sooty will do what she usually does - we will put her on the cushion and she will get off and into the box it came in!!!

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