Friday, November 30, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 4

Alera is getting a lot energetic and his appetite has also improved. Reached the vet at the same time as yesterday and the vet not very busy. Usual treatment was given and there is some 'wetness' at the wound area too. Luckily there was no pus in the wound according to the vet. That's definitely a plus to recovery :)

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Anonymous said...

His healing fine,i must ask you i sow picture of Alera when hi was a kitten whith your friends care2 and i notice the x-ray picture from Alera,its look like the legs was brooken and it looks like someone have meby done that whith purpuse,could the vet say what happend to his leg? whish all luck to your beityful doggy!.

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