Saturday, November 17, 2007

Alera Urinary Track Updates 17th,18thNov2007

Just a very quick updates for everyone. The video was captured via my account. You are welcome to join in the chat room and also you can change your nick from the ustreamer/xxxxxx to your desire nick/name. Just type in the following phrase except the bracket ( /nick yourname ) and change yourname to your nick or name below the chat box and click send. Please make sure you have a space between nick and yourname. The videos are from yesterday (Saturday) and this morning (Sunday). Urination is still going on with blood but not as bad as the first 2 days. Urine was a bit smelly than usual and with blood too. I force fed him little by little yesterday with some dry food soaked inside the water and also some glucose water.

This morning I supposed to go and help out the Meatless Day Carnival which is now going on, but Alera was peeing and he sprayed out a bit from the cage and I have to take care of him for a while. I guess I will just drop by the carnival during noon just to greet Khairul and take some videos to share. Alera drank a lot just now, by himself! Yes, he was like got up and look at the water plastic bowl. This is definitely a good start to recovery! I will try to give him some food later. He is now sleeping.


Caroline J Grinham said...
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ilovepearly said...

I hope Alera will get well soon. It's cute to see other kitty try to get into the picture as well.

Angela said...

I am very happy too Thomas!! Alera will be playing again pretty soon :)

Now, could you email me "how to change your name on your Live Camera"? I ma still very confused and I tried a couple times without sucess... :(

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