Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dead Dog At Middle Of Express Way

It's late, around 11:30pm, Bee Bee and I saw this furry dog lying down and not moving in the middle of the Jelutong Express Highway.Nobody seemed to care much as you can see in the video below. Not even a single car pulled over and checked the dog out, can you believe that? This is very sad indeed.

From far, I told Bee Bee there was a dog in the middle of the highway. I pulled over, parked my car, put on the hazard lights and walked towrads the dog with my digital camera. When I went near, I thought he was still alive, really, the body feels warm and there were no blood. He probably just died not long ago. He must have been hit by a car. I started to take some photos and because Bee Bee doesn't have bigger bags in her car, we didn't carry him right away. However I moved him to the side pavement.

Called Khairul for help and we came back with some plastic bags to wrap him up. We drove to SPCA Penang after that and no one was there. Its late and I guess the care taker must have slept. We just couldn't leave the carcass outside by the gate as there were many dogs around the neighborhood. After 15 minutes, we have no choice but to climb in. Khairul went in and Bee Bee and I were helping out by passing the carcass, it's HEAVY! I called Joseph after that and asked him to aware about this since he is a full time volunteer in SPCA.

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Phil Grimsey said...

Poor poor doggy. What a horrible way to cross the bridge, but at least you afforded it as much dignity as possible under the terrible conditions :(

May it rest in peace.

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