Friday, November 23, 2007

Alera Urinary Track Updates 23Nov2007

11:30 23November2007

16:09 23November2007

There was pus in Alera's wound this morning. I cleaned the wound as usual and also force-feeding him. He really didn't like the low pH food. So after a 5ML tube, I stopped giving it to him. The doc gave him the same medication today. His urination has also improved a lot.

I also told the doc regarding his dislike on low pH food and whether is it possible to change to wet food for a while just to boost up Alera's appetite. After consideration, the doc agree to try different food on Alera. Unfortunately the vet didn't have low pH wet food, so what he did was, he gave Alera some wet tuna from a can. Alera loved it but wasn't able to finish all at once. I was told to mix with the Cranberry Relief with the tuna wet food starting tomorrow. The Cranberry Relief is recommended to help maintain and support a healthy urinary tract. And also I brought back the cone this time! Let's hope Alera eats a lot starting tomorrow as he needs to gain back his strength again!


Phil Grimsey said...

We have scanned in the leaflet for the prescription low pH wet foods we mentioned. We will send it via messenger as soon as we catch you online. The website for the people who make it is and the section for the urinary tract foods is
(wow what a long link)! There is a UK phone number on the leaflet we've scanned. Our vet is hopeful that the foods are available worldwide.

Hills say the wet food tastes good, so hopefully if there is a suitable one your vet can order it might solve the problem of finding a low pH food Alera likes. (we know from Sooty's medical problems that it is very hard work making a cat eat something it does not want to eat).

I asked our vet if we can get it for you if it isnt available there but he says he cannot order the food as he would need to see the animal first. If there is a food your vet feels is suitable but it isnt available there, the only thing we can think of is if your vet contacts our vet to order it - we could ask if that would be ok? We can then send it over if that is allowed. Or we could phone Hills for you and ask their advice about availability in Malaysia as the number is a free phone number if phoning from the UK.

Nikki said...

I am so pleased to see Alera is getting better! He really had me worried there!

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