Friday, November 30, 2007

Donation Via PayPal November 2007

Just finished calculated the donations of November 2007. Total of the donations is $1495.88 USD. I calculated twice and if I ever made a mistake, please tell me so I can correct it straight away. One of the donors prefer to remain anonymous! You know who you are and thank you. A Big Thanks to all the donors! I will start sourcing out the wheelchair tonight and will mail them the links to all Alera's videos. I hope I will get the wheelchair ASAP! Please, if anyone of you have more info regarding the wheelchair makers and website, do kindly forward to me. Very much appreciated!

To all donors! I am SPEECHLESS and GRATEFUL and THANKFUL.

ps : donations are in pending mode as they are still in my PayPal, once every penny has transfered to my debit card account, will updated again in Malaysian Ringgit. Please note we( Malaysian ) are allow to cash out up to $500 USD per day with the transaction fee of $5 USD. I shall use the fund in PayPal to pay the wheelchair.


Phil Grimsey said...

Ladies and gentlemen who have donated.

I hope you read this message and take it as heartfelt thanks from Christina and myself for your selfless acts of generosity in donating such a STAGGERING amount of money to The Baby Alera Fund.

You have all been fantastic, whether its $5 or $500 it all helps and it will all be used in a wise fashion by Thomas, helping his beloved fur kids.

A more worthwhile cause you are unlikely to find, but none of it would be possible without Thomas' hard work. Well done to you too, Sir!

SeaMowse said...

Hi there! I'm posting here a link that I found. I'm linking you directly to the page where you can see pictures of the cats & dogs with the carts. I will post others as well, once I find some.

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