Saturday, December 1, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 5

Day 5
Today, the doc cut off a bit of the dead skin and also examined the tummy scab wound. The tummy scab wound has became harder and sticked together with the under layer skin. I tried to clean and remove it bit by bit while at home. The vet also mentioned that he will try to remove all the dead skin around the leg and tummy area in few days time. By that time, Alera need to be sedated. It going to take a little longer than we thought for Alera to completely healed up. Anyway, the doc is confident enough Alera will be just fine.

Besides the wound, the doc also had pressed out some urine from Alera since he hasn't been urinating yesterday. There were still some blood cells under microscope and I was told to make sure Alera urinates everyday or constantly help him to do so by pressing gently at the lower tummy to prevent bladder extension.


Anonymous said...

a brave little king to me!hug him from us.

Anna said...

He seems to be doing so well! I am glad that the vet is optimistic. Thanks for taking the time to add all these updates, we know how busy you are.

Best wishes! Speak to you soon on the ustream page :)


Nikki said...

You do of course realise Ngo that you are the reason that cat is alive. I doubt ANYONE in Malaysia would have given Alera a chance. To me, that is pretty powerful stuff.

Also, I sent you and Khairul some goodies today. If all goes well (you never know with the South African postal service - it is always a gamble to see whether you actually GET your mail), you should have it within two weeks.

Melissa said...

He's such a patient little fella. ^_^

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