Monday, December 3, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 7

Day 7

Wasn't feeling very well last night, I meant myself. So I postponed the appointment to afternoon 2:30pm since I woke up late. Same treatment was given and the tummy wound scab has came off. There were some fat tissues in the wound and fortunately is not pus.

Tomorrow Alera will be sedated for extensive cleaning at the leg wound as there was some pus under the scab and the scab need to be removed to prevent problems. That's what the vet said.


Anonymous said...

Yes it looks very infekted on the tummy but the vet is helping him tomorrow and make him nice and clean,i think you are some tiered to and this is some mindtaker, i now becouse i have a sick cat to but she is dead now but not from her sickness that did heal, but a pittbull dog kill her infront of me and my son,,,,well she was an stray to and i loved her very mutch,,,sorry its not me now but i now how you can feel sometime.

Phil Grimsey said...

Oh poor poor poor boy. I wish we could take some of the hurt off him - he is so brave. Our thoughts are with him for his cleaning procedure tomorrow - we have got our fingers and toes crossed that everything goes well.

Sooty was listening to the video when Alera was crying - she doesn't usually take much notice of the computer and cannot see pictures on it but this time she was looking for where the miaowing was coming from. She says get well soon Alera.

Hope you are feeling better soon too.

SeaMowse said...

Hi Thomas! I can now keep a watchful eye on Alera. :) I downloaded a widget for my Mac dashboard from your live cam at usstream tv! Thanks for having that set up. It's cute watching him as he sleeps and when he's awake and looking around. That way, I can keep my thoughts and prayers focused on him at all times, as he is now visible to me continuously, and not just from You Tube!

I hope you're feeling better!


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