Thursday, December 6, 2007

Drowning Kitty ( Snowy ) Updates 1December2007

Last week went over to Khairul's place and shot a very short video on Snowy. He is getting taller and happier with the gang there. Sorry for the late updates because I am too busy with Alera's biting wound and urinary tract infection. I have brought some wet can food for Khairul's kitties as well. Snowy is very playful and he will not go out far from the house which is a good thing. On day I will go to Khairul's house during day time so I have better videos on him at the compound. Have patience with me :)

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Pete said...

Very nice update to the website.

Looks like everything is going back to normal.

Phil Grimsey said...

How cute - what a little darling! He is much taller isnt he!

He's got a mind of his own too - he was like "nope i'm not coming down!"

Nice to see him getting on with the others, being inquisitive and enjoying life - hello to Mafia as well.

We love his markings - he is quite similar to Alera. The little black spot by his nose is adorable!

ilovepearly said...

Glad to see snowy doing so well!

Yen said...

Snowy's face does look a little bit like Alera :)

Melissa said...

Snowy is getting so big. :D I agree he does look a lot like Alera. I really can't wait to see Alera in his wheelchair, he's gonna be so much happier once he gets it. (:

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