Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Package From Nikki And Zayne Arrived!

Nikki! Finally I got the package! Please say a big thanks to Zayne as well. I made a short and unscripted video just to share while opening it! The gang were very excited and waiting for their treats! It's already pass their bed time, but I will an exception today by feeding them some of the treats! It's Christmas and they deserved every bit of it! I will make myself a nice warm rooibos tea later :)

Merry Christmas Nikki and Zayne!!


ntheoret said...

Hi Thomas,

I wish I could watch Nikki and Zayne's video, but it says that "this video is no longer available". I'm surprised cause you posted it December 26. There must me a mistake somewhere.



Nikki said...

Oh Ngo! I am so pleased it has finally arrived!! I was worried that the package would be lost to the South African Postal Service!!

I am pleased you liked it and let me know how you like the rooibos tea ;)

Merry Christmas to you guys too :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you are doing for these cats!

I like your artwork too -- I'm an artist, photographer, car customizer and puter geek (US). I am owned by 2 cats and I'm one of those people that lost animals walk up to -- I've rescued about 5 or 6 so far - one was lost, the others REALLY did find GOOD homes (I made sure of that!).

Check out my website:

If you have any questions, pls email me at

Happy Holidays


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