Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 15

From today onwards, Alera does not need to go to the vet everyday instead once every two days. The doc wants to leave the bandage on for a little bit longer. The wound has became redder and new tissues has also developed. Tummy wound also getting smaller too.


Anna said...

I was hoping it might be possible for Alera's visits to the vet to be less frequent, now that he's healing so well!

So (sorry if I missed this in the video, having trouble with the sound on my laptop) you have to change the bandage yourself on the other days, or does it just stay on until the next visit?

Pete said...

Thomas this is important alera is biting his leg. We are watching him on cam and cant do anything. We dont have your number we cannot contact you. Jeez I wish we could do something.

Carie said...

wow Pete. Can't imagine how helpless you felt. that was stressful to read! finally found the ustream link to find out what was going on and see that he's been back to the vet. looks terrible but I know he'll be ok.

Since there are regular ustream watchers, would it be helpful to give a couple of them that you trust some sort of contact info. for you in case this happens again? i know you have to be careful, wouldn't want to post that publicly and get weird calls, but maybe a couple you trust with that info., just in case?

I had a border collie who chewed like this too, not as bad, but still a nuisance for him and me. It was all psychological, as we all figure, and your vet figures, this is from. My dog's issues came down to boredom...he needed to be going and exercising all the time and usually bit when I wasn't home. I wonder if this is part of Alera's problem and if the wheelchair and more mobility and tiring activity would help with that? have you seen any info. about that?

Whew! long one... ;) Good luck Alera! I know you will get better! and hugs to you Thomas, you're a great guy for all you do for animals.

Nikki said...

Here is what a well known scientist and animal behaviourist friend of mine said when I presented her with Alera's case:

That cat is most likely asthenic
in the lower limbs. This means he cannot feel anything. Similar to what human paralytics feel.
However, they do feel "phantom pain" or phantom irritation. It's also called phantom limb. Alera
is most likely trying to get rid of the source of irritation, and since he has no skin sensation at all (total anaesthesia), he keeps on biting and biting and chewing and eating the limb away until he gets down to the bone.

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