Monday, December 24, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 28

The video was shot on Monday ( Christmas Eve ). Alera is getting better and better each day! Yay! From today onwards he only has to go to the vet on 48 hours basis. I am so so glad that everything has worked out great for this little buddy! Anti-histamine still given to Alera.

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aribeth said...

Hi Thomas. Hello from Canada.

My friend had a cat here who use to lick all his fur off him. He was literally bald half way down his belly and both his back legs,including tail! For about a good 6 months her cat was doing the weird habit too. At first we even thought it may have been some dermatological condition or parasite infestion but it was ruled out by the vet here. We did find out tho through the vet that it was due to stress. He did not start doing the weirdness until she got her new cat. Cyprus was always her baby, and there never use to be any other cats for the longest time.

I also remember a time that one of my older cats had a vitamin deficiency and would literally eat his tail just like what Alera is doing to his leg! So you may wanna inquire the vet about those possibilities.

Well Thomas, keep up the good work there with the animals, it shows you have a caring heart.

I just happened by chance to trip across your posting today on a cat forum because my flame point siamese Simba has a cold and I am looking for home remedy medicine treatment for my little furry boy.

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