Saturday, December 8, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 12

The vet clinic was very busy today! I have waited like 1 and a half hour before Alera's turn. While I was there, I have taken some photos of the newly reconstructed kennel area as per request by the doc. There is one room with air-con, the luxury one; and all the kennels are monitor by CCTV, pretty cool. The attached photos is just one of the kennels :)

Let's come back to Alera. Today will be his last day of antibiotic injection as the doc said he might not need it anymore since there is not infection on the wound. The wound healed up very good too!

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Anna said...

Alera has looked so much better these past couple of days! The rate of healing seems to have really increased. All those new tissues on the legs and the tummy looks so much less inflamed. It's so great to see :)

Nice new facilities in the vet too.

Best wishes to you, baby Alera and all the other fur kids ;)

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