Thursday, December 20, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 24

Day 24
Alera surely getting better each day. The swelling paws has also subsided. The vet took some time to measure Alera base on the Eddie's Wheels Measurement Chart. We have got all the measurement as needed in the form. Unfortunately Alera's stifle joint has became too rigid, mmm...I am not sure what's that mean by the doc. But I do know that the joint has became stiffer and cannot bend and position like a standing cat, does that make any sense to you? Well I hope it does, if you can't understand me, please check my blog for the photo.

By the way, a good friend has helped me out by calling Eddie's Wheels on my behalf. Her name is Yen and I am very grateful and thankful :)


Angela said...

Hi Thomas!! I am so happy that you are getting things ready for Alera's wheelchair! Eddie Wheels is a big company that has offices all over the world and they can ship the wheelchair from a country next to you. That was my dream since the beginning when you post a question on Care2, remember?..... to make Alera be able to move like any other normal cat. I know that once he get used to it, he will feel much better moving around the house!
I am so proud of you!!! And also I am so happy that you are surrounded by your web-friends that are always with you and helping you. Thank you all for helping Thomas!! He is an angel on Earth.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever told you you're the best person in the world for what you've done?

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