Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 23

The swollen paws has subsided! Yay! He hasn't been sniffing the wound when the cone is off, that's also a relief. I have mixed the low ph food that I have blended in the blender with his tuna and he finished all! The urine also looks good too. I hope he will recover soon and back to normal. However when he sleeps at night, I still have to put the cone on.

By the way, a big package from Chris, Phil and Sooty came today! Inside the box, there are lots of presents nicely wrap with a small card for each and every fur kids. You can see it in the video below. Thank You Chris, Phil and Sooty!


Anonymous said...

Phil, Chris and Sooty - you guys are so sweet! Looks like you picked all the right things, too. It was fun to watch how each walked up as their presents were being unwrapped. too cute! :)

Thomas - As far as the feather toys....they are very common in pet stores. They are usually synthetic/not real. I've never seen one that has real feathers. So in all likelihood those are not real. Plus, I'm sure Phil checked. :)

Great to see all the kids in one video. :)
Was that the female stray that lives outside doing the howling?


Samantha said...

Just gotta say.. I laughed so hard when I saw Alera fly by, chasing you as you left to go find Ah Black.

Phil and Chris are so good to you, it literally warmed my heart to see the wrapped gifts. So sweet! And I still think it's awesome about the magazine :D

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