Thursday, December 13, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 17

07:00 13December2007

07:30 13December2007

Day 17,
Today just another BAD day! Alera bitten himself pretty badly again as you can it in the videos above. It could have been worst if the viewer with the nick SKFong didn't take the efforts to find my mom's number. My mon called my cell phone as I was at another place. I left the flat at 3am and I hardly get my eyes shut. Without delay and in a shock of cause, I rushed back for Alera. I saw blood and more bite wounds. Called the doc and the vet clinic wasn't open yet at that time. So, I cleaned Alera and put a temporary bandage on just to cover up the open wound.

Before this happened, today, Joseph and I supposed to locate an injured limping puppy and bring him to vet for treatment. Three of us, Khairul, Jospeh and I were feeding him yesterday around 11:30 pm and due to our condition, we didn't bring him back. But Joseph is very certain he won't run away as he sleeps there most of the time, very nearby Joseph's house. He is a 8 months old puppy and Joseph happened to noticed he was limping yesterday. Fortunately Joseph managed to grab him and brought him back to his home and gave him a good bath before head out to the vet this morning. So Alera was in the carrier behind the car and the puppy was at the front seat with Joseph. Video of the puppy will coming up soon after this.

Back to Alera, seems like I am going back to the busy routine again, which is vet visit daily. That really doesn't bother me, but I just feel sad that accident happened in split second and at time like this. You know, I just, I mean my vet and I just couldn't figured out what is inside Alera's mind that made him chewed up himself this time. He said mostly likely and psychological effect and will look deep into this matter.

I would like to thank all who has involved in spending the valuable time by 'baby-sitting' Alera while everytime I am away through my ustream live broadcast. Deeply appreciated. You know who you are.

12:00 13December2007


mikey said...

It could be a psychological issue. I wonder whether cats have personality disorders, such as borderline, like humans do. Or maybe her wound started to itch, and she couldn't control herself?

Phil Grimsey said...

Mike, I think you have hit the nail on the head there.

The wound must be irritating him, and that he seems to take to too far with the nibbling at the irritated area, for what ever reason.

F.A.O Alera: Please stop it baby boy! :(

mikey said...'s a boy! :P

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