Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 8

17:30 4December2007

Today the doc sedated Alera for extensive cleaning on the wound area. Dead skin and scab were removed. The cleaning took not more than half an hour but the sedation last for like 1 hour plus. I waited there for Alera until he regained full consciousness before we went home.

This time pain killer was given instead of just antibiotic. Alera was very hungry when we came back from the vet and he has eaten almost a can of tuna with the cranberry relief.


Anonymous said...

Poor little baby Alera hi looks so helpless to day,hi was so great!like a big lion to me,and thank you for being so nice and caring for him´,you spend lots of time for him and that is kindness for me, His so cute eating his tuna,and clining him self after!!CUTIE!sleep well lion!hug.

Anonymous said...

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Carie said...

Brian's right. I have heard that tuna long-term is bad for cats, bad for their kidneys. But if it's short-term, like you should be fine, I would think. Especially if you are offsetting it with the cranberry supplement. Anyway, glad to see Alera is doing better! I hope he recovers soon! Haven't posted lately but check the site everyday. :)


yangyi said...

If Alera loves his tuna meals while he's recovering but doesn't drink much water... how about adding some liquid to the tuna along with the cranberry mix? When I want to rehydrate my cats (since I live in the desert), I'd add water to their favorite meal and they would simply drink all the water and then "attack" the wet food. You could try a little bit to test it... Just a simply suggestion.

Thanks for sharing all these updates on Alera! He's so well loved and cared!!!

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