Thursday, December 13, 2007

Limping Puppy Spotted

Joseph messaged me about this limping puppy he spotted nearby his house yesterday night before Alera incident. After our dinner, Khairul and I went there to have a look. He was hiding under a van and we have tried to persuade him to come out by giving him some food. At first he didn't want to but finally he came out, got friendly with us and he was limping quite badly, but not as bad as Lucky though.

We were not able to take him back at that time. Anyway, Joseph was confident enough that he wouldn't run away as there's his roaming place. By the way, the place is very near to Joseph's house. Since I was bringing Alera to the vet this morning, I called Joseph to pick up the puppy in order to save time. He managed to pick him up and gave him a bath before both of them went to the vet.

The x-ray showed his hind leg has fractured a bit and slightly bend. No surgery is needed according to the doc and only resting will do and also some pain killer injection. I am not sure for how long he is going to be there but at least he has a temporary place to heal up properly and not mention a good shelter with food!

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ilovepearly said...

All these pup are so friendly, they deserve a home! Glad you found this puppy!

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