Thursday, October 25, 2007

Drowning Kitty Finally Got A Name !

We are not good in picking names. While spending time looking at some comments on the videos, a reader suggested Spot and Chris suggested Snowflake or Snowy while chatting online . Since the kitty is white like snow, we decided to go for Snowy. The name reminds me of Tin Tin comic, the genius doggie :)

Photos and video were taken yesterday while I was at Khairul's place. That's his sister in the picture with Snowy, her name is Zaireen. She take turns to look after the kitties too. Snowy is very playful and make friends very quickly with the rest and no longer spend her days in cage. He is free to roam anywhere in and out the house. When I said 'out the house' I meant within the compound. I was amazed how fast she got so friendly with others, that's wonderful. Mafia ( the black kitty with white socks ) got a friend to play with now and they look like buddies to me, same height and same size. LOLz

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Phil Grimsey said...


What a complete and total turn around that kitty has been through in a few short days. It just goes to show what a bit of love, a warm home and some good food will do for an animal given the chance.

Come on people, its not a lot to ask. Those of you who havent rescued strays or had a shelter animal, next time you want a pet, go to the shelter and adopt a kitty, a dog, guniea pig or whatever you may want. You will then know the unconditional love of an animal, and also be able to say that you have made a huge difference in its life and you also are releasing some space for the next poor stray to be taken in.

Trust me, it feels great!

Great name by the way, I wonder where it came from :-P

Phil and Chris

Pete said...

Good to see snowy happy. Seeing how he was when you first got him in that wet bag to now being happy and energetic is great.

Keep up the great work.

Still waiting on you to get paypal up and running so I can donate.

Madeleine said...

Yes, very happy to see that he has got a good home now, and many pals to play with, so he won't feel lonely. He's beautiful and Snowy is a nice name, his fur is soft and snowy.

Nikki said...

Oh oh oh can the next one be named Poppet?!


Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ phil

It came from Chris! LOL. She love snows!

@ Pete

Will inform you once I got all things sorted out. We are not able to withdraw funds from PayPal last time but recently when I double checked on PayPal website, they already allowed us ( Malaysian ) to withdraw the funds to debit cards but the transaction from PayPal to debit cards cost about USD 5.00. I am still waiting for my debit card to arrive. In the meantime I will let Phil help me with the transactions. I will let you know soon.

@ Madeleine

Yes, his fur very soft indeed and his is a playful kitty like Alera!

@ Nikki

Sure we will name the next one Poppet but hopefully not as there are no more place in Khairul's place and we might need a big farm in future. :P

Phil Grimsey said...

We are happy to help if Pete wants to donate - I dont think the donation loses too much in fees by sending it to us with paypal and us forwarding it with moneybookers? Happy to do it if required.

Franck said...

I've just came across :

this video is awesome :

zenquando said...

good name for the kitten Snowy.

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