Sunday, October 21, 2007

My 'How To' Videos For Buster

Two weeks ago I received an email from a lady name Carol from Toronto and she has found a kitty who has also paralyze and in the same condition as Baby Alera first found. The kitty name is Buster, please see the attached photo. Isn't he adorable. I am very proud of Carol for taking Buster in and wanted to give him a fighting chance and also a loving home. I have made 4 videos for her just to show my daily routine with Alera so that she get some ideas from my side. Please note that my method is purely base on my experiences with Alera and I have found out that Alera love to have kitchen towels instead of just newspaper, they are like bed sheets to him and whenever he pooped or urinated on them, it is much easier for me to clean up.

The diapers Alera and Papi are wearing now are from Pampers Comfort and they are using 'S' size. They only wear it when they are out from the cage and I change a new one every 2 or 3 hours, it all depends on situation. A great tip from Phil is not using strong detergent on cleaning the cages especially those which turn into smokey when dilutes such as dettol and so on. I would suggest using plain water is the best.

Please feel feel to add comments and tips so that we all can guide Carol on her new buddy and I wish Carol able to take some videos and photos for us to see in future as I couldn't wait to see more of Buster! Cute name for a cute cripple kitty I must say!


Phil Grimsey said...

We love the videos - although Alera seems more interested in going to play - we think he was debating getting down at one point in the "changing diaper" video!!

The animals are lucky to have found someone who will take the time to allow for their disabilities and look after them so well!

Buster is very cute - is his disability the same as Alera's? Did he have an accident or was he born with his problem? He looks a very contented, happy cat in that picture.

Sooty has a habit of getting herself behind the sofa to sleep where we cant reach properly and is hard to pick up if we need to from there. We find holding her around the body just behind her front legs works well as it is a firm hold without risk of dropping her (she is not quite so mobile at 18 as she used to be and we have to be careful we dont hurt her when picking her up.

The disinfectant ingredient Thomas mentions that we were told is very poisonous to cats is Phenol (not sure of spelling) - our neighbours told us this.

Hope this is of help and we'd love to see more of Buster.

Carol Hroncek said...

I'm Buster's mom. I haven't a clue what happened to the little guy. Xrays showed very little. And an MRI at this point wouldn't make any diff. He was just found that way in my friend's backyard. And now he's with me. I don't have a video camera (YET!) but my friend took some VERY short, quick videos of Buster in action a couple of days ago. You can view them on You Tube at the following URL's. Let me tell you...Buster may be small right now but he has a HUGE personality. Very vocal, very opinionated, and full of life. He's constantly trying to wrestle with my adult cats and they have no idea what to do with him! We humans can learn so much from animals. He has a resilient spirit and couldn't care less that he can't walk 'normally'. He just wants to play, be loved, and have fun.
I know these videos are just clips, but at least you can see him in action. (I have no carpetting in my home which makes it so much easier for Buster to get around and play...these clips were taken at my friend's place).
Cheers and thanks for the thoughts for Buster!!

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ Carol

I am sorry that after I embedded buster videos on the new post, I just found out you already provided the video links in my comment area. I hope you don't mind me posting up the video on my blog as many great friends here would love to watch him move and play the ball!

Yes I must agree he has a 'mature' personality like ' Don't mess with me, mister!' haha

Great videos! 5 star

Slo said...

You are a true inspiration just made my day a bit happier, knowing there are still some good persons on this fuckedup planet...

all the best

ilovepearly said...

Love how well you takecare of her! Very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Thanx for taking such good care of your crippled kitty :-) *is himself a lifelong cat lover*

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