Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kitty Jaw Dislocation At Vet

While picking up Mafia from the vet this evening and also visited the limping doggie, we saw this small little kitty with his jaw dislocated. It breaks our hearts to see him in this painful condition. He has to be force fed to keep up his energy and also not to be left dehydrated.

A good Samaritan brought him in. Two obvious reasons he had encountered this painful sufferings was either by accident or got beaten! Hope he will make it and the Samaritan will take him in.


Phil Grimsey said...

Oh the poor poor little baby! It is good to see someone else acting in a compassionate manner - will the vet be able to fix the jaw back into its proper place like with orange kitty? Fingers crossed this can be done.

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ phil
This vet is a different vet and I think he will do something for the kitty real soon. Just hope everything will be fine for this poor baby.

Nikki said...

Keep the faith my friend :)

ilovepearly said...

Oh that is painful to watch.
If I ever come across a cat in that condition, I would love to take them in.

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ ilovepearly

yes it is especially Khairul and I and the rest were there watching this. This has shown how cruel and unkind a human being can be.

By the way it is confirmed that the kitty got bitten and not by accident. The good samaritan has taken her back and foster her at home. Unfortunately I did not know whether she has fully recovered or not. Let us hope for the best!

Phil Grimsey said...

Whilst we are very happy the kitty has a good foster home, its always pains us to hear of an animal suffering, especially when its intentionally caused.

I really do hope it recovers well enough to lead a good life and it doesn't have to suffer again.

Our thanks go to the people who rescued it and will be fostering it :)

Anonymous said...

Hello There,

I have a cat which suffers from Jaw Dislocation regularly !! As i am a dental nurse i know what to do ! So here is my advise >>>> Push the JAW DOWN !!!! gently and then backwards , it will slip back in its joints , massage the muscles for a bit and gice water if animals are dehydrated !!
The same works on Humans!! Dont push back ! pull down !!!
Bridget Mungersdorf

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