Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 2

Day 2
Some skin has turned black around the wound area, those were the dead cells according to the vet. No sedate injection or medicine was given to Alera when the cleaning process as it might create a side effects and risk on Alera. Alera is a very brave kitty and was well behave throughout the whole process.

His appetite also has improved a lot so was the urine. Video below was shot before we went to the vet.
11:50 28Nov2007

22:40 28Nov2007


Nikki said...

Oh boy. I saw this and I wanted to faint.

Ragga said...

Poor Alera! We can see his bone, very disturbing :S Hope he gets better soon!

Proud Atheist said...

I don't want to sound like an asshole but, I've been following the Alera "Cripple Kitten" story for a while. Since you found him in the alleyway. But I've been waiting for the day when you post of video of poor Alera dead in a pool of blood from him biting again. He almost died in when he bit his leg, imagine next time.

Best wishes Alera.

Melissa said...

I cried watching the first video. I find it sad Alera is doing that to himself, he really does need to realize he has people who love him and care so much about him.

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