Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Alera Blood Test Report

Alera's blood test report arrived at the vet this afternoon. The doc said the kidney is a bit weak due to the readings. However he said it might be just temporary. Alera need to go to the vet again tomorrow for antibiotic and vitamins. I have force-fed Alera this afternoon with the low ph food. He ate like 10 tubes of 5ML blended food but he drank very little water. After that, he felt tired and slept for 1 or 2 hours. I cleaned the wound in the evening around 9:30 pm. He urinated and his urine did not contain any blood at all, just yellowish. This surely a relieve!

21:30 21stNovember2007


Madeleine said...

Dear Thomas,
Glad to see that Alera is doing a lot better today, but I am concerned about his blood test report. My cat have kidney problem before too, and unfortunately she's passed due to that.
Please do update Alera's health daily. And I wish him speedy recovery and feel good and active very soon.
My hugs and kisses to Alera.

Anna said...

Glad to see Alera a little better (he looks well in his face now) although it is so sad that he bit himself. I hope he won't feel so stressed again. You do such a wonderful job with him!

A cat I had also died due to kidney troubles, but it's such a big term, I mean it can indicate anything from a fatal problem to something that's really nothing to worry about. I'm not an expert, so I'll leave it to that excellent vet to tell what's going on :)

In the meantime, Alera will be always in my thoughts!

Let us know how he is xxx

Nikki said...

Yeah I must admit - I am a little bit worried about Alera.... a weak kidney....
Just keep a close eye on him. If his behaviour changes in a negative way, such as he really does not want to eat, and all he does is sleep and he seems energyless, IMMEDIATELY take him to the vet.

kittylover said...

Hi Thomas, keep the little shirt on Alera until his tummy has healed, you could always use it in the future too just to protect him, I think he nibbles when he's stressed like the vet said. Keep up the good work, youre great!!

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