Tuesday, November 20, 2007

October Donations Via PayPal Cleared

Just a quick updates on October donation via PayPal. Went to Public Bank just now to get the statement from the counter since I have not receive my pin number yet. I will get the pin number very soon via postage. By then, I can withdraw the fund from ATM machines. Anyways, I can also withdraw the money now from the counter.

After conversion, the net amount is RM 380.29 (Ringgit Malaysia). Current balance of Baby Alera fund is RM 388.31 (Ringgit Malaysia). Please note that I still owe the vet balance of RM 700 (Ringgit Malaysia) of the limping doggie surgery and also Alera urinary track medication has not been calculated yet. The vet, Dr Teoh is a very nice person and he willing to wait until I calculate this month donation and I will pay him in full amount next month.

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Pete said...

Next month I will see if I can donate:) I will try whenever I can :)

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