Friday, November 16, 2007

Alera Having Lower Urinary Tract Infection

Today is one of those 'difficulty' days. Alera urinated a lot since afternoon and it is still going on. I have changed 3 diapers in a row within half an hour. The belly just full of urine. He usually drink lots of water everyday but he doesn't urinate everyday though like the rest. He is not feeling very well and moody.

Sometimes he would hold the urine until a day or two then would let it out little by little. But today he seemed to let out A LOT. I brought him to vet after that and it was getting worst, he urinated with blood. The following is what the vet has told me.
  1. Lower urinary tract infection
  2. Bladder distension due to cystitis
  3. Hematuria-urine with blood.
The vet performed some scanning process on Alera and according to him the kidneys are alright. It is just the bladder contain lots of urine ( dirty urine ). He has given Alera a shot of antibiotic and some pain killer. He also recommended low ph food for Alera and asked me not to feed him with current food that I have at home. The low ph food is from Ekanuba. Alera is not eating and lost his appetite and he just hide himself at the corner of the cage.


Caroline J Grinham said...
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Nikki said...

Shame man! Well the good news is, the condition is treatable. The bad news is Alera is not going to feel well for a while.
Just leave the food out for Alera - when he is hungry and ready to eat he will. Animals withdraw when they don't feel well.

hanna fushihara said...

hi thomas!
did the vet tell you why this happened? i hope he gets better soon and it doesn't ever come back again.

Anonymous said...

Thomas, the scan that the vet did is called an ultrasound.

Good luck! Dave

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