Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Alera Urinary Track Updates 21Nov2007

10:25 am
According to the doc, it might be the psychological effect that Alera has bitten himself. I hope I spelled that word correctly. Anyways, the doc has cleaned the wound with chlorhexidine (antiseptic solution) and applied Rowarolan (calcium carbonate) powder on Alera. He told me the powder will work better and faster than cream. I was told to wash the wound twice daily. Alera is getting better each day and this shows a good recovery process. I hope the blood test result turn up okay too. Will have to wait and see.


Nikki said...

Maybe the vet needs to give Alera something to calm him down.I know when Mary gets like this and she starts biting herself because she is strung out, the vet injects her with depro meril provera (I don't know the correct spelling). However, I have no idea how this will affect a tom cat. The alternative is a cortozone shot which will help with the irritation.

Poor Alera - please give him a hug from myself and from Mary.

Also, could you email me your Paypal details please? I want to give you the donations I promised you.

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ Nikki,

I will let the vet know tomorrow as I need to bring Alera there again for follow up.

You can also donate via the paypal button on the top right hand corner on my blog or this is my paypal email, ngothyeaun(at)yahoo(dot)com

Thank You so much Nikki

Caroline J Grinham said...

Even though Alera has that wound, you can tell he has a lot more energy now.

Phil Grimsey said...

Alera, You're a fighter and we are all sending you our best wishes!

Thomas, please give alera a big hug from Chris and myself

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