Monday, August 20, 2007

Orange Stray Cat Rescued - Updates 20 08 2007

Went to the vet few hours ago and this is the video to share. The cat is getting much better comparing the first day we found him. He no longer on drip and able to eat soft food at the moment. He turned out to be very friendly, surprise me really. Castration will probably on Friday and by that time I have to find a home for him or will have to release him back on street.

I have sent funds ( via PayPal ) from Carie Bauer to a friend ( Phil ) who is from England that willing to take the funds and send it to me via moneybookers so that I can receive the money faster in my account. It might take a while though. By the way if you remember, Phil also has donated toys for the kids a while ago.


Nikki said...

Damnit this breaks my heart! It is clear to see this cat is painfully desperate for love and attention.

Thomas, I will send out a request to see if any of my connections have contacts that are willing to help find a home for the cat - you never know.

iva said...

I hope this cat would find a home rather then being on the streets. Looks so friendly and adorable!

Phil Grimsey said...

He is adorable isnt he - nice to see him looking much better. With regard to the funds, we sent our donation and Carie's together. We started the tranfer to Moneybookers last Saturday. The bank say it will take 3 - 5 working days to reach moneybookers. We have checked and it has not arrived as yet - but it is only two days so we are being a bit hopeful I think! We will keep you updated with its progress.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help with that, Phil! I appreciate it...wish I had used moneybookers, but had sent previous funds via paypal, and didn't realize it would take so long. Really, really appreciate you helping that along! :)


Phil Grimsey said...

No problems at all! We were about to send a donation anyhow, and it just fell nicely into position for us to be able to help :)

hanna fushihara aron said...

I hope you can find him a home or foster!!! I was just in a situation where I wasn't having any luck finding a foster and thought I would have to put a cat back out after neutering but it looks like I've found someone so I will keep my fingers crossed for this sweet cat.
Hanna - New York

Phil Grimsey said...

Great news!

funds arrived in our moneybookers account and we will be transferring it to Thomas as soon as we can (hopefully tonight)

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