Sunday, August 26, 2007

Orange Stray Cat Rescued Fixed!

It has been almost 16 days since the orange kitty found us and he is getting alot better. The video above were shot yesterday and according to the vet he has been castrated last Saturday and he has this thing called conjunctivitis, well plain English will be the eye infection and shouldn't be a problem. He is now eating well for sure if you look at the video and able to chew the dry kibble, thats certainly a relieve.

The kitty will be going to a new home today, this evening. The adopter is my friend, Khairul and I am so glad that he decided to take him in instead of letting him back on street. The photo on your right is my friend, Chun Chun. Without him making the call the other day, I am pretty sure the kitty will not survive at all and might die in pain. He has also donated RM 100 ( Ringgit Malaysia ) for the kitty. I have not total up the vet bill yet as the kitty is still at boarding place, after this evening I will know the total of fund spent on this kitty.


Nikki said...

Seeing this video made my day :) Thank you to your friend for taking in the cat and thank you to you Ngo for everything that you have done and continued to do!

Angela said...

Thomas, you are truly an angel and I am honored to have you as a friend. Really! To me, there is no words or money to compensate you for all you have been done in behalf of the animals. Thank you my friend. I am very proud of you!

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