Sunday, August 5, 2007

Alera Bites Himself

Yesterday I saw a small wound around Alera's belly, just a small wound, I cleaned it and applied some cream on it. After few hours when we came back from late dinner, the wound got bigger and there was blood in the cage. I was in shock and thought he has injured himself somewhere in the cage. I looked around and found nothing sharp, just toys and pillow and kitchen towels as usual. It was Saturday and all the vet were closed and we do not have any emergency vet around here unfortunately. Without delay I went and prepared some cloth and water and cleaned him, snapped some photos and posted on to ask for opinion and help and this is what I got from them, you can read it here.

My friend, the vet who used to follow up Alera's progress no longer open on Sunday and I have to call in a house-call vet, another friend of mine. He did some cleaning and dressing on Alera and told me probably ear mites might be the cause of this problem and itchiness. Due to Alera is paralyzed, he obviously couldn't use his leg to scratch the belly, he has to use his mouth to bite instead. The vet told me to bring Alera to his clinic anytime next week to redo the dressing. He has given Alera medicine, cream and injection. Alera is feeling much better now and sleeping, hopefully he will recover very soon


Nikki said...

Holy moly.
I would ask for a depro provera or a cortozone shot, along with a wide range anti-biotic. I take it you DO apply something for parasites such as Frontline regularly?
What about a victorian collar?

How is Alera responding to the treatment?

Nikki said...

PS: WHat is Alera doing with his back legs on the video while on his side in the cage? And is it normal for Alera's stomach to be that bloated?

Carie said...

Oh no! Looks awful. I've had pets do this in the past as well. It's common when they develop some sort of skin irritant. They just want to get rid of the itch, and tend to injure themselves further. Usually the cause is mites, an allergy to wheats in food, etc. A cortisone shot, as suggested above, usually works. Hope he gets better soon!! :)

Iva said...

Ohh gosh, that does look painful.
Must be really itchy for him and the fact that he can't scratch it is mind drilling. Maybe figure out other ways where Alera could scratch his back. My dog scratches herself all the time, can't imagine how hard it will be if she can't. I hope Alera get well soon.

I like to add your link to my blog.

Angela said...

Oh Thomas!! I am so worried about Alera!! Let us know as soon as possible!!

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