Saturday, August 11, 2007

Orange Stray Cat Rescued

Its almost 4 am in the morning and I am extremely tired. Just a quick short rescue story to share. My friend called me just now telling me that he and his girl friend saw a cat in the middle of the road struggling. Without delay, he pulled over and walked out from his car to see what happened. Someone must have hit the cat pretty badly until all the nose were bleeding and blood everywhere. Then he called me as he has no experience with strays rescue, well, I am no expert myself too but I willing to give a hand.

Once I arrived at the scene, the cat is quite fierce and defensive when I tried to touch him and making some noise and showing teeth. To be honest, I am pretty scare too as most of my rescues are smaller kitties. Look at the video and you will find out more.

At this moment, he is at the vet and I hope everything will turn out just fine for him. I couldn't keep him as he is a stray and there is too many kids at home. Mu friend and I are planning to set him loose once everything is ok, maybe get him spayed too, depends on how much money we still have. I have used Alera funds for him on medication and boarding, I hope my friend will able to help me out just a little and I totally understand if he can't since he is still a student.

The emergency vet is a new one and I am so so glad that one of my friend told me. From now onwards whenever there's accidents, I know where I will bring them to. Time for bed! TIRED!


phil.grimsey said...

awwww :( Poor kiity! Keep us updated on this please Thomas.

mikey said...

Poor cat...:(

After viewing your two previous videos, it amazes me that those vets handling the animals (especially with wounds) are not concern of wearing gloves.

Nikki said...

Unbelievable..... how is the cat doing? It does not look like there is any neurological damage...the eye does not look good though, but it does look like it can be saved...
so come one, give us more news! What did the vet say? I am curious.

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ Nikki

Please click the youtube video area and go to the youtube comment page to read more. I am having a very high fever and couldn't get out from bed and might have to go to hospital soon, please understand, I am doing the best I can, be patience.

Ragga said...

I hope the cat can be saved.. It is devestating to look at him bleeding like that.. :( Keep us updated as soon as you can on his condition :)

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