Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fostering Blind Cataract Kitten

A good friend rang me yesterday and asked for my help to take care of his friend rescue kitty for 3 days. His friend rescued this kitty few days ago and he has to go to Kuala Lumpur ( 400 km ) for a short buisness trip. The kitty both eyes has cataract and I hardly see the pupils, both of them are cloudy white. I went to Khairul's place and borrow his spare cage. So far everything going great with the kitty. He drink lots of milk and luckily not meowing alot. He is playful too. Everyone in the house especially the fur kids are curious and anxiuos! I captured the video using my ustream capture utility. Photos will be up soon.


Angela said...

Oh!!!!!!!!!! I just saw the kitty!! She is adorable and beautiful!!! What a cutie...and she is very lucky too:) I am so glad that you guys are taking care of her!!!!!!! Kisses to her from me!

carieelena said...

Thomas- what an adorable little girl!
Hey, these people might be a really useful resource for you, for you to give to your friend. I came across their videos on youtube a long while ago, and they take in/foster/help blind cats. They seem really great. They might be able to offer information in helping your friend attend to the needs of the cat...of which I'm sure there are many.
It's really, really great that he has taken in this kitty, and so nice of you to kitty-sit for him for a few days. :)

Anyway, hope that link helps. :)


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