Monday, April 9, 2007

Dog in small confined cage.

I got a call from my mom today while she was visiting my aunt, she saw a very injured maggot wound dog. I called Joseph, my friend, and together we went to have a look but couldn't find the dog everywhere. I gave my phone number to one of the guards there and told him if he ever sees that dog again, just give me a ring. He said the dog is in severe condition with a maggot wound as large as a hand palm. But we didn't stop just there, we went round and round the carparks and were driving down the roads beside the hospital but with no luck. Then we came across this unfortunate doggie who spend most of his time in a small confined cage. According to Joseph, he has reported this cruelty act to the local animal authority and still the owner does not responce to the warnings. I will make my rounds and see if the owner ever let this poor doggie out during night time.


mikey said...

Poor dog! You should break open the cage and just let him free! He'll thank you for that!

Nice video. One comment though - can't really read the wordings because it was too fast.

Jon PM said...

Hi What was the outcome of this case.....? Did you do anything to aid the animal?

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