Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Shelter Animals Videos Accepted

Few days ago, I submitted some videos titled 'Shelter Dogs' and 'Shelter Kittens' to istockvideo. The videos were shot by me last saturday have been accepted while I was volunteering there. Whenever I see these videos and images, they reminded me deeply about the sufferings of animals on this planet not just dogs or cats but all living creatures. Please be kind to animals. Click the above images and they will bring you to the actual videos on my istockphoto website.
Alera videos were accepted too, and if I am not mistaken I submitted two videos of Alera. You can see the rest of photos and videos in my istockphoto portfolio page if you are interested. Just click View Portfolio on the right hand side of the page.

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Hanna Fushihara Aron said...

Great work Thomas! All those animal shelter videos made me want to cry. I volunteer at my local shelter here in New York and I thought that the facilities there were pretty "ghetto" but they are like a hotel compared to the ones in the video. Do many people adopt from shelters in Malaysia? I pray that more and more will....

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