Thursday, February 28, 2008

Alera's Leg Healing Well!

Just a quick update on our little hero here. What a relieve when I took off the bandage just now! Looks very good on the wound and it almost drying up. However Alera still needs the cone, you know, better safe then sorry after all we have been through, at least until the fur fully covered up. Below are 2 photos to share. More to come :)


Anonymous said...

Hello Thomas!
This is wonderful. Who would have thought that this terrible wound heal so well. I am so glad for you and Alera.

Many greetings

Char said...

So glad to see that she is healing well. For a while, I was doubting she would ever heal at all. You are wonderful for what you do for all the animals you encounter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas. The wound looks great! What a long, long, long way Alera has come. :-) Alera and Thomas - keep up the good work! :-)

Linda (SeaMowse)

Angela said...

Great news Thomas!! Kiss Alera for me!!! I am very happy for you my dear friend!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas!

Thank you for the pictures. I'm so happy that Alera's wound healed up so well. I never thought it would be possible without a skin graft or something similar. I guess nothing beats Mother Nature to heal her children and a little bit of faith. You are doing a fantastic job Thomas!

Nicole from Longueuil, Quebec, Canada

Monica said...

What a relief! His leg looks a lot better, and Alera has you (and the vet!) to thank. You are such a wonderful person and I thank you for all the generous and amazing things you do. :)

ilovepearly said...

Glad alera is doing well!

Anonymous said...

Alera's leg looks so much better! Your nursing, the nice vet and Alera's fighting spirit made this all possible. :-)


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